"Takte gegen Krebs": The concert idea

Others sell tickets. We make you part of the composition!

Cancer disrupts life and is a dramatic change for patients and their families. The image was chosen deliberately. Because it is also a break when a piece of music suddenly stops and the melody just heard is replaced by silence.

This is exactly what can happen at the benefit concert "Takte gegen Krebs". Because with your ticket you also purchase one bar of the piece of music. Bars that are not purchased remain silent and silence suddenly falls in the concert hall.

Your beat is indispensable for the concert evening

Each member of the audience is thus a part of the music and makes an important contribution to the success of the concert. The proceeds of the concert will benefit the guide program at the NCT/UCC in 2022.

The "Takte gegen Krebs" concert idea was developed at the NCT Heidelberg, which was awarded the German Fundraising Prize for it.