NCT Dresden

Excellence against cancer

The city of Dresden provides excellent conditions for tumor research. Currently more than 500 physicians, scientists and other employees are working at the University Hospital Dresden and the Faculty of Medicine at TU Dresden on treating cancer patients at the highest standards and on improving cancer therapy through research.  

Another 150 scientists and employees are part of the cancer Research program of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf. By establishing NCT/UCC Dresden 200 new positions are created and specific research focuses on both NCT sites will be strengthened.

Research focuses at NCT/UCC Dresden

  • high-precision radiotherapy
  • newest innovative surgery techniques
  • latest cancer medication and immunotherapies
  • biological imaging methods 
  • molecular tumor diagnostics

Patient-centered research

We want to better understand cancer, detect it earlier, treat it more efficiently and prevent it effectively. Therefore we connect research and patient care as closely as possible. That way we can apply the latest scientific results directly to diagnosis, therapy and prevention of cancer. At the same time, scientists at NCT Dresden get important impulses for their research due to the proximity of laboratory and clinic. Our aim is the development of a personalized cancer medicine, which can be customized exactly based on the needs of our patients.

Our mission

Together with the other NCT partner sites we want to occupy a leading position in personalized cancer research and therapy worldwide. Therefore the NCT partner sites are working together closely and complement each other in their expertise.