Institute for Clinical Chemistry und Laboratory Medicine (IKL)

The Institute for Clinical Chemistry und Laboratory Medicine (IKL) (director: Prof. Dr. T. Chavakis) performs centralized laboratory diagnostics for patient care as well as for clinical studies for the University Clinic, the Medical Faculty or cooperation partners. In addition, the IKL heads the „Dresden Integrated Liquid Biobank“ (DILB) for oncological research; DILB is an integrative part of the „Biobank Dresden“ (BBD).

The IKL also performs exeperimental research, investigating the regulation of immune processes, including tumor immunology. The research projects focus on activation of cells of the innate immunity, on the bidirirectional interaction between inflammation and metabolism (immunometabolism) in the context of trained innate immunity and tumor immunology, on normal and malignant hematopoiesis (also in the context of the myelodysplastic syndrome), as well as on hypoxia-induced processes in inflammatory and malignant pathologies.

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