NCT/UCC Patient Advisory Committee

Assistance for questions and suggestions

The Patient Advisory Board is the point of contact for patients and their relatives, and helps you to quickly forward concerns to the right person.

In addition, the Patient Advisory Board is dedicated to further tasks:

  • It brings the patient perspective to strategic planning and to the development of project proposals and initiatives of the NCT/UCC.
  • The members of the advisory board are involved in events such as the Patient Café, Rowing Against Cancer and the Patient Day.
  • The Patient Advisory Board maintains a regular exchange with the NCT/UCC Directorate.
  • It supports scientists and physicians in an advisory capacity in the planning of clinical projects.
  • It maintains contact with oncological self-help groups.

You are welcome to contact the Patient Advisory Council with any concerns you may have. You can reach the Patient Advisory Council by e-mail at: patienten-beirat(at)

Or in person at the open patient café of the NCT/UCC (unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the café cannot take place at the moment).


Members of the Patient Advisory Board include:

Karin Arndt, official speaker


Prof. Evelyn Hartmann

Barbara Hauptmann

Dr. Hans Reinold Horst


Mathias Jatzlauk

Wolfgang Krämer

Peter Musil


Solveig Reppert

Beate Schinköthe

Ute Stahl