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Tumor and normal tissue bank

Welcome to the homepage of the Tumor and Normal Tissue Bank of the National Center for Tumor Diseases Dresden (NCT/UCC). On the following pages we would like to give you a general overview of our work.

The diagnosis and treatment of numerous serious diseases have been significantly improved in recent years through intensive scientific work. This means not only better chances of recovery, but also a gain in quality of life due to less stressful examinations and treatments. An essential prerequisite for these advances was research on human tissue. These tissue samples are urgently needed for medical research and are of good quality. For this reason, a Tumor and Normal Tissue Bank was founded at the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus in 2010, which is affiliated with the National Center for Tumor Diseases Dresden (NCT/UCC).

The aim of the Tumor and Normal Tissue Bank is to provide medical researchers with examination material in the form of tissue samples (tumor and, if possible, corresponding normal tissue) collected and stored in accordance with quality standards in order to support a rapid gain in knowledge in oncology.

Patients provide the tumor and normal tissue bank with tissue material that is no longer needed for diagnostic purposes after medically absolutely necessary procedures such as an operation, a biopsy or a blood test. Thus, no additional tissue is collected for the tumor bank. Each time a sample is collected, patients are informed about the biobank and can consent to the collection and storage of their samples by providing a consent form. For collection in a biobank, "surplus" sample material, so to speak, which accumulates during many sample collections, is used. Only after the patients have given their consent are the collected samples available for research. This consent can be withdrawn at any time, even without justification.

By examining the diseased tissue, blood or bone marrow, the development and course of diseases, as well as possible risk factors, are further investigated. The aim of these examinations is an early and precise diagnosis and thus ultimately a better treatment. Patients help the next generation of patients with a similar disease with the tissue they provide.

The tumor and normal tissue bank of the NCT/UCC Dresden has been certified according to the quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. This represents a seal of approval for safe uniform quality standards in, among other things, patient care, information and education, tissue collection, and tissue storage and use in research. In addition, the Tumor and Normal Tissue Bank is supported by the Ethics Committee, which can be read in the Ethics Opinion of 2018.