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Tissue application procedure and documents

For the support of your project we need the following documents completely filled out and signed by you:

  • Request form for the desired tissue from the tumor and normal tissue bank of the NCT/UCC:
    Request Form "Paraffine tissue"
    Request Form"Fresh tissue"
  • a short project description (approx. half a DIN A4 page)
  • Information on the concrete tissue request (type and number)
  • Information on cooperation partners
  • Information on the project-related ethics vote

Please send all documents either by mail to:

Tumor- und Normalgewebebank des UCC/NCT Dresden
Institut für Pathologie
Universitätsklinikum Carl Gustav Carus
Schubertstraße 15
01307 Dresden

or by E-Mail to: patho-studien(at)ukdd.de

or by Fax to: 0351 458-4358

The Tumor and Normal Tissue Bank then verifies that all necessary information is available and clarifies the availability of the requested tissue. Within one week, by circulation, the request form is forwarded to the Tumor and Tissue Bank workgroup members, including updated information on the availability of the requested tissue. The Tumor and Tissue Bank Working Group decides on the allocation of tissue, taking into account factual and organizational reasons as well as the Tissue Bank's rules of procedure, within 10 working days after the initiation of the circulation procedure. As soon as a result on the vote is available, the applicant will be informed in writing (preferably by email).