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Das Nationale Centrum für Tumorerkrankungen Dresden (NCT/UCC) ist eine gemeinsame Einrichtung des Deutschen Krebsforschungszentrums, des Universitätsklinikums Carl Gustav Carus Dresden, der Medizinischen Fakultät der TU Dresden und des Helmholtz-Zentrums Dresden-Rossendorf. Bitte bewerben Sie sich daher direkt bei den in den Stellenangeboten genannten Ansprechpartnern.

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NCT/UCC Dresden

NCT Heidelberg

NCT HSO Fellowship-Program

About the NCT HSO Fellowship Program

The NCT Heidelberg School of Oncology (NCT HSO) provides a tailored fellowship program for scientists and physician scientists in translational cancer research and medicine. The aim of the NCT HSO is to promote training for professional excellence in oncology and to improve multidisciplinary scientific and clinical interactions between laboratory‐based researchers and clinician scientists.


The NCT HSO training and education program will encompass clinical & research training and career development activities for fellows in laboratories, research groups and clinical departments within specialized curricula:

  • Scientists pursue a translational cancer research project mentored by DKFZ, NCT or UKL‐HD research groups;
  • Physician Scientists are granted protected research time (25‐100%, allowing flexible curricula according to the candidates’ needs) for a translational cancer research project/trial at DKFZ, NCT or UKL‐HD research groups. They have access to clinical training to qualify for board exams in clinical disciplines of oncology;
  • Fellows have to attend a defined number of educational events offered at internal (e.g. NCT Heidelberg Grand Rounds, NCT State‐of‐the‐Art Seminar Series, DKFZ Progress in cancer research lectures and NCT/UKLHD Interdisciplinary Thursday Lecture) and external conferences, seminars and workshops with a focus on basic, translational and clinical cancer research;
  • Written examination on core topics of the NCT HSO fellowship program such as biometrics/biostatistics, bioinformatics, clinical trial management, Good scientific practice (GSP);
  • Access to DKTK (German Cancer Consortium) activities such as the annual DKTK Summer School as well as exchange and rotation between DKTK partner sites;
  • A certificate upon successful participation is dependent on having attended the obligatory courses, the completion of the research project and a successful examination.

Besides these curricula, the NCT HSO fellowship program is open for a modified training program according to the needs of the applicant and the hosting department.


Academic requirements for scientists:
Applicants must show a clear commitment for translational cancer research including commitment to obtain broad knowledge in the medical aspects of cancer research and care and should wish to develop careers in clinically relevant research.

Academic requirements for physicians:

Applicants for physician scientist positions need to hold a valid approbation to practice medicine in the EU or Germany. M.D. (M.D. or M.D./Ph.D.) should be candidates finishing their training following their residency and/or fellowship, who wish to prepare for careers in academic medicine.

Selection Process

Candidates will be selected according to their qualification and suitability by a nominated selection committee in a competitive selection process. Candidates meeting the application criteria are invited for an interview and a presentation, which will take place in Heidelberg.

Application Documents

  1. One page (DIN A4) statement of research interest (including research proposal);
  2. Curriculum vitae;
  3. List of publications (including awards);
  4. Copy of the latest degree certificate (officially acknowledged);
  5. Two letters of recommendation.
  6. Applications need to be prepared in English. Complete application papers have to be submitted as a single PDF (max. 5MB) to Dr. Sigrid Ziegler: sigrid.ziegler(at)nct‐

The NCT Heidelberg is an equal opportunity employer and affirms the right of every qualified applicant to receive consideration for employment. The NCT Heidelberg is committed to increase the percentage of female scientists and encourages female applicants to apply. Among candidates of equal aptitude and qualifications, a person with disabilities will be given preference.


NCT HSO fellows will be funded according to TV‐L or TV‐UK.


Dr. rer. nat. Sigrid Ziegler, DKTK/NCT
Phone: +49 6221 56‐36458
E-Mail: sigrid.ziegler(at)nct‐