BioBank Dresden

The BioBank Dresden (BBD) is located on the campus of the University Hospital Dresden. Within the BBD, biomaterial from patients and healthy volunteers is processed and stored in a quality-assured and data-protection-compliant manner.  The BBD includes the tumor and normal tissue bank (TNTB) and the Dresden Integrated Liquid Biobank (DILB).

The aim of BioBank Dresden is to provide scientists with a comprehensive collection of tissue and liquid samples as well as associated data. This is an important basis for research at the Dresden site as well as for cooperation with external partners. The focus of the BioBank Dresden is on supporting research groups in the field of oncology so that cancer can be prevented or better cured and treated in the future. 

Tumour and Normal Tissue Bank (TNTB)
TNTB is a central tissue biobank in which mainly solid tumor tissue is stored. It is affiliated to the Institute of Pathology and certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Dresden Integrated Liquid Biobank (DILB)
The DILB is a central liquid biobank in which only liquid biomaterials are processed automatically. They are kept in fully automatic nitrogen storage systems. The DILB is affiliated to the Institute for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IKL).

Tissue and liquid samples are obtained by physicians during routine diagnostics and therapy such as operations, biopsies, bone marrow punctures, cerebrospinal fluid, pleural, peritoneal and blood or urine samples. A requirement for storage in the BioBank Dresden is the informed and written consent of the patient.  Materials and associated data are managed centrally by a professional biomaterial information and management system (CentraXX, Kairos). The BBD has a data protection concept and an ethics vote.

Further information on the BioBank Dresden will be available here shortly.