NCT/UCC Guide Program

Support for oncology patients at the NCT/UCC

A cancer diagnosis changes the lives of those affected and their relatives from one day to the next. Hospital visits are often a major challenge too, and many patients wish for support, including support of a very practical nature.

NCT/UCC guides can assist you and are contact persons for various topics.

  • Would you like to find out more about the NCT/UCC's counseling services?
  • Are you interested in nutritional, exercise or psychosocial services?
  • Would you like someone to talk to in addition to your medical and nursing care?

If so, please feel free to call our NCT/UCC guides or write to arrange a telephone appointment, a video call or to chat in person at the NCT/UCC:

Phone: +49 (0)351 458-7447

E-Mail: lotse_nctucc(at)

The NCT/UCC guide program is funded by the Living with Cancer Foundation and the Dresden University Medical School Foundation. Huge thanks to our supporters.