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The Center for Hematologic Neoplasms treats malignant diseases of the hematopoietic and lymphatic systems. This requires highly specialized diagnostics, therapy and follow-up care, which we can offer thanks to the combination of outstanding expertise and scientific excellence with state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure. In addition, our primary focus is on personal attention to all patients who place their trust in us seeking individual advice and treatment options at our clinic.

The Center for Hematologic Neoplasms at NCT/UCC Dresden was founded in 2020 from the existing structures of the Medical Clinic and Polyclinic I of University Hospital Dresden and certified for the first time in 2021 according to the requirements of the German Cancer Society and DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.


We would like to thank all referring physicians for the trust they have placed in us and hope that we can continue to collaborate effectively in the interests of our shared patients. Please contact us at any time with suggestions for improvement and criticisms. This is the only way we can achieve continuous improvements in the quality of care we provide.

We hope that you will find the information and contacts you are looking for on the following pages.

Frank Kroschinsky
Head of the Center for Hematologic Neoplasms

Consultation hours

Outpatient clinic hematology / oncology and day clinic at the NCT/UCC Dresden
House 31c, 1st and 2nd floor

Availability by phone:
Mondays - fridays 8-11 am and 14-16 pm
Phone: +49 (0)351 458-2583

You can find more information in our Flyer (German).

Prof. Dr. med. Frank Kroschinsky
Head of Center for Hematologic Neoplasms

  • Specialist for internal medicine, hematology and internist. Oncology
  • Head of the Department of Hematology of MK1


Dr. med. Lisa Heberling
QM-representative physician of the Center for Hematologic Neoplasms

  • Specialist for internal medicine



Sophie Biesenthal, B.Sc.
Coordinator of the Center for Hematologic Neoplasms

  • Quality Management Representative of the NCT/UCC

E-Mail: Sophie.Biesenthal(at)



The focus of our Center for Hematologic Neoplasms is the treatment of malignant diseases of the hematopoietic and lymphatic systems. These include in particular:

  • Acute and chronic leukemias (AML, ALL, CML, CLL)
  • Malignant lymphomas (Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin)
  • Multiple myeloma (plasmacytoma)
  • Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS)
  • Myeloproliferative disorders (CML, myelofibrosis, thrombocythemia, etc.)

Various modern therapeutic methods are available for the treatment of these diseases: Immunotherapy, chemotherapy and treatment with targeted new drugs. Cellular therapy approaches are also employed:

  • High-dose therapy and autologous stem cell transplantation
  • Allogeneic stem cell transplantation (related and unrelated)
  • Treatment with mesenchymal stem cells, regulatory T cells and CAR T cells

Our transplantation unit is one of the largest of its kind in Germany and is certified by the European regulatory authority JACIE ( according to the latest quality standards.
An important part of the transplantation unit is the stem cell laboratory, where blood stem cells and bone marrow are produced in modern clean rooms according to the standards of the German Medicinal Ptoduct Acts.

The aforementioned therapies make it possible to plan and carry out customized or personalized treatment for many diseases. In addition to care in state-of-the-art inpatient areas, well-equipped outpatient areas and a day clinic are available for treatment and follow-up care.

  • Specialized physiotherapy treatment is offered in all inpatient areas. In addition, patients have access to psycho-oncological care and art therapy.
  • Social service staff are available to advise and assist you with social and socio-legal issues, as well as helping to plan and prepare your post-hospital care.

For organizational and administrative questions concerning your inpatient stay, please contact the case management team.

Our center offers the opportunity to take part in clinical trials. We are a coordinating study center, which means we have nationwide connections.

Further information on clinical trials in the fields of hematology, cell therapy and oncology can be found here.

The center also includes specialized laboratory areas for the diagnosis of hematological diseases. These include bone marrow cytology and cytochemistry, flow cytometry, cytogenetics and molecular genetics. The special diagnostics available in these laboratories are used in a targeted and customized manner for the diagnosis and progress evaluation of all patients at the center, but are also made available external cooperation partners. Further information on the laboratory area can be found here.

As one of the few centers for cell therapies in Central Germany, we are an important cooperation partner for numerous external hospitals and referring physicians.

Below you will find an overview of the treatment and cooperation partners of the Center for Hematologic Neoplasms:


Cooperation Partner


Hematology, Cell Therapy, Medical Oncology, Transfusion Medicine, Gastroenterology, Pneumology

Medizinische Klinik und Poliklinik I

Prof. Dr. med. Martin Bornhäuser

Prof. Dr. med. J. Hampe


Klinik und Poliklinik für Strahlentherapie und Radioonkologie

Prof. Dr. med. K. Krause
Prof. Dr. med. E. Troost


Institut und Poliklinik für Radiologische Diagnostik

Prof. Dr. med. R. Hoffmann


Institut für Pathologie

Prof. Dr. med. G. Baretton

Nuclear Medicine

Klinik für Nuklearmedizin

Prof. Dr. med. J. Kotzerke


Klinik für Urologie

Prof. Dr. med. C. Thomas


Klinik für Neurochirurgie

Prof. Dr. med. G. Schackert


Klinik für Hals-, Nasen- und Ohrenheilkunde

Prof. Dr. med. T. Zahnert

Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Klinik für Mund-, Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. G. Lauer

Palliative Care

Universitäts PalliativCentrum (UPC)

PD Dr. med. U. Schuler


Medizinische Klinik III – Fachbereich Nephrologie

Prof. Dr. C. Hugo


UniversitätsCentrum für Orthopädie, Unfall- und Plastische Chirurgie (OUPC)

Prof. Dr. med. K.-P. Günther


Klinik und Poliklinik für Neurologie

Prof. Dr. med. H. Reichmann


Klinik und Poliklinik für Augenheilkunde

Prof. Dr. med. L. E. Pillunat


Institut für Medizinische Mikrobiologie und Virologie

Prof. Dr. med. A. Dalpke


Klinik für Dermatologie

Prof. Dr. med. S. Beissert

Pediatric Oncology

Klinik für Kinder- und Jugendmedizin

Prof. Dr. med. R. Berner


Herzzentrum Dresden Universitätsklinik – Klinik für Innere Medizin und Kardiologie

Prof. Dr. med. habil. A. Linke



Prof. Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. G. Lauer



Dr. rer. Nat. H. Knoth


Universitäts-Physiotherapie-Zentrum (UPZ)

K. Prate


Psychoonkologischer Dienst des NCT/UCC

Dipl.-Psych. B. Hornemann

Social Service

Sozialdienst des Uniklinikums Dresden

T. Seidel


Selbsthilfegruppe Leukämie und Lymphome in Dresden


Eisvogel e.V.


Barbara Hauptmann

Tel.: 0351/ 4126495

Anke Simon

Katrin Begolli

Hematological diagnostics

Diagnostic procedure

Cooperation Partner

Leitung/ Ansprechpartner

Cytomorphology, flow cytometry, cytogenetics

Medizinische Klinik und Poliklinik I – Laborbereich Hämatologische Diagnostik


Prof. Dr. med. F. Kroschinsky

Molecular genetics

Institut für Pathologie


Institut für Klinische Chemie und Laboratoriumsmedizin

Prof. Dr. med. G. Baretton

Prof. Dr. med. T. Chavakis


DKMS Life Science Lab

Dr. Dr. A. Schmidt

Our aim at the Center for Hematologic Neoplasms is to ensure the best possible treatment for our patients with malignant diseases of the hematopoietic and lymphatic system in interdisciplinary collaboration between various specialist disciplines through standardized diagnosis, therapy and follow-up care.

Comprehensive care must be tailored to the individual patient and agreed within the expert group. Accordingly, all patients who present at the Center for Hematologic Neoplasms have their cases presented either in the interdisciplinary tumor board or at the specialist case conference, as required. Besides our experienced specialist doctors in hematology and oncology, the hematologic tumor board includes representatives from radiation therapy, radiology and pathology. Other specialist fields are involved where required.

The tumor board and case conference produce a personalized therapy concept that takes account of national and international standards and the latest research.


Hematologic tumor board

mondays 12.00 – 13.30

House 31c, ground floor, room 0.111

Hematologic trial tumor board

mondays 11.30 – 12.00

House 31c, ground floor, room 0.111

Tumor board cellular therapy CCI-CD (Center for Cell and Immunotherapy Chemnitz-Dresden)

wednesdays 13.00 – 14.00  (every two weeks)

House 31c, ground floor, room 0.111

An overview of all tumor boards of the National Center for Tumor Diseases as well as information on registration can be found here.

Since 2021, the Center for Hematologic Neoplasms has met the quality criteria set by the German Cancer Society and has been awarded the distinction "Center for Hematologic Neoplasms with recommendation of the German Cancer Society e.V.". In addition, the Center for Hematologic Neoplasms has a certified quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Our transplantation unit is also one of the largest of its kind in the Federal Republic of Germany and has been accredited since 2012 by the European accreditation authority JACIE ( according to the most modern quality standards.


Contact and Information Center for Self-Help Groups Dresden (KISS)

The Contact and Information Center for Self-Help Groups Dresden offers support and advice to interested citizens and existing self-help groups. If you have questions about self-help or are looking for a suitable self-help group, you are welcome to contact the KISS:

Ehrlichstraße 3
01067 Dresden
Phone: +49 (0)351 2 06 19 85
Fax: +49 (0)351 5 00 76 36


Self-help group Leukämie und Lymphome Dresden

Contact person: Barbara Hauptmann

Phone: +49 (0)351-4126495
Mobile: +49 (0)173-2718825
E-Mail: barbara-01156(at)


Eisvogel e.V.

Contact persons: Anke Simon and Katrin Begolli

Mobile: +49 (0)160 2375830
E-Mail: hallo(at)

You can find further information here (in German).