Outpatient clinic

Our oncology outpatient clinic is the central point of contact for patients. This is where we coordinate diagnostics and treatment as well as outpatient care and inpatient treatment in the various clinics of University Hospital Dresden, avoiding unnecessary delays and duplicate examinations.


An appointment for a first visit or for one of our oncological consultation hours can be made by you or your referring doctor. Numerous oncology consultations are held at the NCT/UCC and the participating hospitals. In addition to the general oncological consultations, the consultations of the organ cancer centers certified by the German Cancer Society are also held here.

Please contact us by phone to make an appointment:

   0351 458-4500

Monday - Thursday

8.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.


8.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.


If you would liketo receive a second opinion, you can find all the information >>here.

Additionally, the oncological outpatient clinic offers:

  • Psycho-oncological care for you as a patient (inpatient and/or outpatient) and your relatives to discuss personal and family problems connected with your cancer,
  • Interdisciplinary patient discussions, called tumor boards, that coordinate the individual therapy plan for each patient,
  • Close cooperation with your referring doctor, family doctor and other partners in the health care system,
  • Socio-legal advice on rehabilitation measures, care services and social support services,
  • Individual nutrition counselling on prescription by a state-certified dietician,
  • Aftercare offers such as a free exercise program, smoking cessation offers, nutrition courses and quarterly meetups in the open patient café.

Specialists from the fields of visceral surgery, orthopedics and trauma surgery, oncology, radiotherapy, dermatology and psycho-oncology are on site in the interdisciplinary outpatient clinic.

Leading physicians staff of the interdisciplinary outpatient clinic

  • PD Dr. med. Christine Hofbauer
  • Dr. med. Christina Jentsch
  • Dr. med. Johanna Kirchberg


Responsible physicians

> Surgery

  • Dr. Johanna Kirchberg

> Internal medicine

  • Dr. med. Anke Kröcher
  • Dr. med. Ulrike Ubbelohde

> Radiotherapy

  • Dr. med. Fabian Lohaus
  • Justus Thiem
  • Dr. med. Christina Jentsch

> Dermatology

  • Prof. Dr. med. Friedegund Meier
  • Dr. Marlene Garzarolli
  • Dr. med. Ricarda Rauschenberg

> Tumor orthopaedics

  • PD Dr. med. Christine Hofbauer
  • Dr. med. Hagen Fritzsche


Nursing and functional service

> Nursing management

  • Katrin Krücke
  • Ulrike Knaebel

> Medical assistants

  • Katrin Dintner
  • Tina Richter
  • Tina Taszarek
  • Melanie Schöbel
  • Anett Schöne
  • Claudia Schwarzwälder
  • Claudia Herzog
  • Luise Petrat
  • Tatjana Welsch