Tumor board

The tumor board is a meeting of specialists from the various departments involved in the treatment of a cancer disease, in order to make an individual therapy recommendation for each patient on the basis of the available findings.
There are tumor boards for all tumor entities treated at the NCT/UCC.
Various departments are represented on each tumor board - as a rule there is always a representative from internal oncology, radiology, radiotherapy, pathology and surgery. Depending on the tumor board, other specialists may also be present.

Therapy options are discussed based on available findings and imaging as well as histological and molecular pathological findings, and a recommendation is made. The tumor board also discusses the possibility of enrolling the patient in a clinical trial.
As a result, a recommendation is made for the patient with a high level of expertise that takes into account all available findings.
The patient is informed of the tumor board decision and, if applicable, the decision is also forwarded to any attending physicians.