Clinical studies

Medical progress can only be achieved by translating the results of basic research into clinical practice.

Consequently, patient-oriented clinical trials are inevitable for the further development of existing and the introduction of novel therapies to cure cancer.

The National Center for Tumor Diseases Dresden (NCT/UCC), in cooperation with the Coordination Center for Clinical Studies Dresden (KKS), has set itself the task of promoting the initiation and implementation of interdisciplinary, translational and clinical studies in the field of oncology.

In order to make innovative research results available to patients with cancer as quickly as possible, it is important that the necessary clinical studies are implemented quickly. In addition to other factors, the successful recruitment of suitable patients is often of great importance.

If you would like to have a possible trial inclusion for one of your patients checked, please use the following >>form.

With a specially established unit, the Early Clinical Trial Unit, the NCT/UCC has specialized in conducting early clinical trials. If you would like to inform yourself about the possible participation of a patient in an early clinical trial, please contact us >>>here.

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