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Increasingly powerful technological developments in surgery, such as new smart devices and digital technologies, provide a vast amount of valuable data that can be used to improve personalized patient therapy. Although there is a lot of data available, the numerous data sources pose an overwhelming challenge for physicians, especially in the operating room. We are a multidisciplinary AI research group focused on the development of translational surgical oncology. Our mission is to bring together experts in the fields of artificial intelligence, computer science, engineering and medicine to develop and evaluate computer- and robotic-assisted systems that optimize surgical outcomes for individual patients by transforming the available data into useful information.

The research and methodological focuses are real & synthetic datasets in surgical data science, Machine Learning (ML)-based guidance e.g. soft-tissue navigation and intraoperative visualization, and human-machine interaction e.g. surgical workflow analysis, surgical training and robotic surgery. We have two research groups that are investigating the entire process chain along the surgical treatment path including the whole perioperative patient information.