MotivA – Motivation for an active everyday life

A free motivation module for oncology sports groups

MotivA is a motivational program for developing a physically active lifestyle in cancer patients during and after cancer treatment. It teaches effective self-management strategies for integrating more exercise and sport into everyday life, such as setting health goals and using exercise plans and protocols. MotivA can be used as an additional module in oncology sports groups (e.g. rehabilitation sports).

The free project package contains a manual for exercise instructors, including a CD with 7 audio clips on motivation and an accompanying booklet for cancer patients. Exercise instructors can integrate the audio clips into their classes, and participants can listen to them at home. When used as part of an exercise program, the audio input is used over a period of about 8 weeks, e.g. weekly at the beginning of each class. Approximately 5 to 10 minutes should be allowed for each audio clip. Various extensions are possible. The audio clips can also be downloaded for use at home.

The program was developed by the National Center for Tumor Diseases Dresden (NCT/UCC) in cooperation with the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) in Heidelberg.

The MotivA project package at a glance

  • For exercise instructors in oncological sports groups
  • Teaches effective motivation strategies for an active everyday life
  • A manual for trainers in oncological sports groups
  • A CD with 7 short audio clips on motivation
  • An accompanying booklet for cancer patients on motivation
  • Time frame: approx. 8 weeks, e.g. 5-10 minutes per week

You can order the MotivA project package for exercise instructors, and download the audio clips and flyers  >>>here