Chinking nails and contagious joy of life– charity concert „Takte gegen Krebs“


Artists and young cancer patients shaped the charity concert "Takte gegen Krebs" on May 2 in the St. Pauli Ruin with many musical surprises and moving moments. The concert, supported by Stiftung Hochschulmedizin, benefited a guide program at the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT/UCC) that connects young people with cancer. Donations of around 16,000 euros were raised.

Under the motto " giving up is not an option", eight young patients gave insights into their wishes, plans and concerns in musical, dance and poetic contributions at the charity concert "Takte gegen Krebs". Artists picked up on the impulses and combined them with their own contributions to create an exciting concert experience.

Chinking nails as well as Telemann's Don Quixotte suite and touching sound recordings with statements of the affected persons accompanied the audience like a red thread through the concert. At the beginning, all patients on stage hammered "their" nail into a board and subsequently played music on it with violin bows. In this way, an unusual version of the Pachelbel canon could be heard, which was continued by the musicians on their respective instruments. On the rare instrument nail violin, the musical director of the concert, Henry Schneider, let a wonderful piece sound.

The gallop of the donkey Rosinante heard in Telemann's suite was furiously increased by the tap dance of Illia Bukharov. The overtone singing of Gareth Lubbe and the laser harp of Eberhard Manske provided unusual and fascinating auditory impressions. Charlotte Thiele (violin) and Friedrich Thiele (cello) played the Sarabande and Bourrée from the French Suite No. 5 by Johann Sebastian Bach in a delicate and stirring manner. Double bassist Robert Lucaciu provided a relaxed jazz atmosphere.

Patients delighted the audience with artistic contributions: Markus Drzymala with the song "Fan von dir" (Kraftklub), Lisa Köhler with a self-written text about her illness, Michelle Müller with a dance choreography and Arthur Kellermann with Greensleeves on the clarinet. Together with all the other young people affected (Janne Kretzschmar, Willi Meißner, Julia Köhler, Jasmin Thieme), they let the audience share their wishes, thoughts and their contagious joy of life.
During the grand finale, all the artists, patients, and guests moved through the St. Pauli Ruin making music and dancing to the last movement of Telemann's suite, while the laser harp sent its rays into the sky.

Guide program for young people with cancer

The charity concert will benefit a guide program at the NCT/UCC, which is intended to connect young people with cancer in the future. For them, it is often difficult to get to know patients of the same age. One reason for this is the division into pediatric and adult medicine. For example, adolescents are often treated together with infants and young children in the pediatric clinic, and young adults are treated together with older people in the adult clinic. The guide program is intended to visit the young patients during their inpatient stay, establish contacts and also create opportunities for regular exchange during outpatient therapy and aftercare via a café and exercise opportunities. The concert raised donations of around 16,000 euros. Further donations are needed to continue and expand the donation-funded program in the coming years.

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