Imaging Platform

Precise imaging in oncological research is a key method to measure efficacy of therapeutic procedures. In routine clinical practice, time on high-end imaging devices is scarce. Therefore, the NCT/UCC Imaging Platform has the aim to perform high quality anatomical and functional imaging within clinical trials or prospective registries, both for staging of primary or recurrent disease, and for response monitoring following surgery, radiotherapy, systemic therapy, or a combination of those. The Core Unit Imaging also supports projects on preclinical questions, their translation into clinical context and technical development of imaging acquisition.

Service (selection)


  • Primary staging of rare tumors
  • Staging of recurrent disease following primary treatment
  • Longitudinal studies during treatment serving as response monitoring
  • Clinical characterization of new PET-Tracers


  • preclinical research requiring repeated CT imaging or CT guided interventions


Prof. Matthias Miederer
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Ines Wittig
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Lukas Höller
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Dr. Rudi Apolle
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Jutta Helfrich
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