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Contact and Information

For more information on how to participate in NCT MASTER, please contact master-dresden(at)nct-dresden.de.

Flyer: "Das NCT/DKTK-MASTER-Programm"

Project Leader and Coordinator of the Program:

Prof. Dr. Hanno Glimm

Managing Director, NCT/UCC Dresden
Head of the Department for Translational Medical Oncology

Prof. Dr. Stefan Fröhling

Director, NCT Heidelberg
Head of the Molecular and Cellular Oncology Group, Department of Translational Oncology

Dr. Daniela Richter

NCT/UCC Dresden
Coordinator of the Department of Translational Medical Oncology

E-mail: daniela.richter(at)nct-dresden.de

Dr. Katja Beck

NCT Heidelberg
Scientific Coordinator NCT MASTER
Department of Translational Oncology